The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior (Live)

Spiritual warriors do not react to their circumstances; they respond to God. Everything in your life is an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase faith. The Way of the...


Rise Up a Warrior

It is important to embrace a brilliant perception about yourself and those around you. The Lord wants you to enter every situation refreshed and ready, which is why a soaking session...


Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

In order to engage in spiritual warfare at any level, you need to develop the qualities that will ensure your success. Warriors are peaceful, fearless, and confident in who they...

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Coming into Alignment

Alignment with God opens the door to countless upgrades and possibilities in the Kingdom. But being in alignment with God requires coordinated intentionality. That means placing your focus on the...

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Manifesting Your Spirit

Life as an intercessor and a warrior requires a mindset of positivity, rejoicing, and deep faith. Warfare requires you to know who you are in the Kingdom at all times...

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The Way of the Warrior Series

What is the reality of the enemy in your life? How often do you feel overtaken by the circumstances surrounding you, giving in to negativity or bitterness? The idea of...

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