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4 Brilliant Resources for Practicing Gratitude

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As the year progresses, it’s important to make some time to reflect on how things are changing, what remains the same, and what is on the horizon. Most importantly in these times of reflection, it's important to consider all there is be thankful for, and acknowledge the countless blessings from God that work themselves into your life every day. ...
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Thinking Differently: A Look at The Positivity Bundle

When it comes to learning to live joyfully in the tensions of life, you can only develop a greater resilience by embracing the way God likes to do things! Whether that’s in the way you see yourselves, others around you, or a difficult circumstance, you need to be equipped with the tools to view every situation through a lens of positivity, joy, and peace!

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Staff Picks for Long Commutes: 4 Brilliant Messages for Your Daily Drive!

Summer is here! And with that, so are longer commutes. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? Often, the time we spend in the car can feel like a huge waste, but it doesn’t have to! After a quick poll of the Brilliant staff, we came up with the four teachings each of us are most likely to listen to on our own long commutes! We hope this list off...

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Featured Review: The Soaking Collection

A great tool for entering into rest and developing a lifestyle of peace are soaking teachings! Soaking teachings give you access to quiet, intentional time so you can focus on your development in the Spirit. Among Graham’s most beloved soaking teachings is Prophetic Soaking—a quiet, uplifting message about all the Fathe...
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