The Practice of Rest



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This 2-part audio teaching is part of The Deeper Collection, a series of talks Graham did at the Deeper School, in Vacaville CA.

The Practice of Rest


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Rest is not an option; it’s a vital necessity. We have to work at entering into rest. To do that we must understand the principles of rest and its outworkings and benefits. In this two message series, Graham outlines the value and the practice of resting in the Lord.

In The Renewal of Rest, he looks at the very source of our inner security and peace. Rest is concerned with building an inner sanctuary, creating a fortress that cannot be taken, and fashioning a weapon in rest that allows us to overcome and receive our inheritance.

In Rest and Relationship, he looks at rest as a proof of life in the Spirit. We examine the development of a quiet confidence and how to develop a partnership with Jesus that produces a dwelling place. We must learn to look at life from a place of rest so that joy remains tied to us in peace.