The Favor Series



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An 8-part audio teaching designed to enable you to understand your true identity, and empower you to take responsibility for your blessings.

The Favor Series


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Favor is birthed in the relationship between the Father and Jesus. We are included because of our placement in Christ at salvation. Heaven has a right of possession over us and favor is the result.

All our favor is tied into the new creation — not the old. We are being made in His image and favor is part of that relationship. Favor is attached to the image of Jesus, not our behavior. We need to be trained in favor and part of that is learning to be consumed by God’s desire for us, His passion to make us more like Him.

Favor is a growing focus on our privileges in Christ... our continuous promotion in the Spirit... divine advantage, the intentional bias of God... and learning to be esteemed, approved and indulged by Love overwhelming.

Favor enables us to understand the various identities that are ours in the Spirit. Favor calls us up to a new place in Christ. We learn how to take responsibility for our blessing. Favor enables us to revel in Abiding in the Goodness of God.