The Way Of The Warrior Series Book Collection Resource Bundles
The Way Of The Warrior Series Ebook Collection Resource Bundles

The Way of the Warrior Series Upgrade

A 3-book series by Graham Cooke that will help you develop the focus and peace of a spiritual warrior in constant alignment with God's intention.


What is the reality of the enemy in your life? How often do you feel overtaken by the circumstances surrounding you, giving in to negativity or bitterness? The idea of being a warrior is that you are always prepared for the battle against negativity, anxiety and stress. In The Way of the Warrior series, Graham writes about how to combat the enemy by being captivated by majesty. Warriors know peace in its truest form. They are able to demoralize the enemy with their joy, discourage him with their faith and depress him with their endurance. Warriors have a deep understanding of the favor and grace of the Father in all of life’s situations.

This three-part series, including Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior, Manifesting Your Spirit, and Coming into Alignment, covers important cornerstones of spiritual warfare and will help you align your focus through activations and guided questions. With the teachings in The Way of the Warrior Series, you’ll always be fresh for the fight.


Free preview of Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

You can preview the other two books in the series as well — Book 2: Manifesting Your Spirit, and Book 3: Coming into Alignment. 



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