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The Image

Allison Bown’s second book explores the lifestyle of living in your true identity in Christ. Sharing her own experience and wisdom, Allison writes about having a greater encounter of life from God's perspective.


When God looks at you, what is the image that He sees?
And how can we see ourselves the way He does? 

Our lives are God’s masterpiece - and He deeply enjoys the process of relational development in us that reveals it. He is passionate for us to perceive clearly the beautiful and powerful image of our true identity in Christ that already His reality.  
    But far too often, we've settled for a less valuable, inauthentic copy of the life we think God is asking of us.  Difficult experiences, poor histories and a host of other negatives have defined us in ways that are not an accurate image of what God sees when He looks at you.   
    A Guidebook is included to allow you to convert what you're reading into every day life with God. You'll discover your Identity Statement and how it can keep you anchored into The Image of you that makes God smile every time He looks at you.   Is there a higher perspective of God's true identity and yours that you've yet to see?


"It is an incredible thing when an author can write a book that leads you into an encounter with the Author and Finisher of our faith. Allison has done that in this new book: The Image. From the first few paragraphs of this book, I found my heart meeting with the One who is writing my story."   - Jonathan David Helser, Worshipper/ Songwriter / Bethel Music 


An "astonishing spiritual work." - Graham Cooke 

The Image Free Chapter
Published in 2018.
ISBN: 978-0-9896262-7-9


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