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Rise Up A Warrior Mp3 Teaching Cds & Mp3S

Rise Up a Warrior

An encouraging soaking session from Graham Cooke, mixing gentle music with an inspirational prophetic word. (MP3)


It is important to embrace a brilliant perception about yourself and those around you. The Lord wants you to enter every situation refreshed and ready, which is why a soaking session like Rise Up a Warrior is such a fruitful resource. With gentle music and an empowering message, you will be moved and encouraged by the Lord’s desires for you, producing encounters that only ever lead to overcoming.

Recorded at The Mission in Vacaville, California in 2008.

Run time 49 minutes


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Looking for more soaking? Rise Up a Warrior can be purchased together with a collection of Graham's other soaking sessions, see more details on The Soaking Collection


For an explanation of soaking, read more here:


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Author to more than 20 books & a speaker on more than several thousand stages over the past 40 years, Graham is a breath of fresh air to anyone wanting to know who God really is & how to do daily life with Him. In his message, you'll find a consistent affinity for the nature of God & a love for introducing people to a God far more good than most modern Evangelical thought gives Him credit for. Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Theresa.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Andria Petrocelli
Rise Up Warrior Soaking

I too, like Nanci, have been very blessed by this soaking and was wondering if it would become available to purchase in iTunes so that I could listen to it on my iPhone?

Rise up a warrior

I used to listen to this on YouTube and now I can only find it here in this store, which is fine, but I listen to stuff on my phone. Could you please please please make this available to buy in iTunes? I absolutely love this soaking. I remember listening to it with tears going down my face. So powerful. So healing!

Nanci, What a great idea!! I will look into adding this to iTunes :) Thank you for the feedback! - Team Brilliant.

Kathy Brubaker
Rise Up A Warrior

I first heard this soaking in Feb. 2016. I was just coming out of a deep depression. Everything Graham Cooke was saying was about me. If I did not know any better, I would say, he did it just for me. It has totally changed me. My pastor noticed the change immediately. I can not begin to explain what it has done for me. I could not imagine how God was going to change me. But He did! I don't pray the same. I do not do much of anything the same. I am not the poor little victim any more. My relationship with the Lord is so different. I just thought I had a relationship previously. In Job 42, Job says he heard rumors about God, but now he knew God! (The Message) Do you know what that feels like? Do you know what it feels like to tell God you love Him and mean it?
If you want to rise up a warrior, this is the perfect message to listen to. If you want your relationship with the Father to change, listen to this soaking. I could just go on and on. I pray that anyone who listens to the soaking will be changed and as speechless as I was when God made the changes.

Intimacy in a deeper way

Thank you Graham. We are studying the prayer of Jabez in Sunday School. This cd is all about increasing one's territory. It's about taking ground in the spirit realm that already belongs to you, and the Lord is waiting for you to receive it!! I am discovering the Lord in a deeper way. There are no cares when we get in His presence - only His love. E.M. Bond wrote in his book on prayer that "God shapes the world by prayer. Prayers are deathless. They outlive the lives of those who utter them." The prayer of Jabez has indeed lived on and so will "Rise Up a Warrior" - I believe it was written in 2007 - here it is 2012 and I know it will live on and will not come back void.