Conversations With God Mp3 Teaching Cds & Mp3S

Conversations with God

An audio teaching by Allison Bown, exploring the many ways we can improve our connections and conversations with the Lord. (3-part CD or MP3)


What if the essence of prayer is the joy of a relational dialogue with a God who adores you? In conversations, you both talk and listen. Good friends hear with their heart what the other is communicating. In stillness, rejoicing and thanksgiving, you can hear the conversation of Heaven and discover how to pray with the answer, instead of just for one.

In the three-part teaching Conversations with God, Allison unwraps the delight of conversations with God. From creating an atmosphere for dialogue to the connection between worship and intercession, she opens up a life of prayer that is unique and encouraging. You'll discover how times of enduring intercession become treasured encounters and that the joy is not only in the outcome, but the riches of the journey.

3 disc CD set; run time 2 hours 47 minutes


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