The Portland Sessions: Testimony

Mother’s Day 2012, I was seriously injured in my spine and had extensive nerve damage. After 2 surgeries, the doctors were unsure of the extent of the damage, and were sure all they could do was send me home with heavy medication and hope for the best. God said to refuse the medication and to take this time to learn how to rest and go deeper with Him.

I was unable to sit for over 4 months.  I had to either be standing or flat on my back. I would walk throughout my house reading my Bible until I could no longer stand, and like flat on my back for hours at times, learning how to be loved by the Lord. (I am passionately in love with Jesus, and I have learned over this last year and through this process that He is also passionately in love with me.)

A friend came over a few times a week to help me care for my younger children and our home, and she bought me  “Prophetic Soaking”.   It touched my heart like nothing I’d ever heard. I listened to it from morning till night for 2 weeks straight and the Lord began healing my heart and my soul and my body from the inside out. I then began purchasing other Graham CD’s –first soaking, then everything else! His ministry--God has used his ministry to bring healing to me in ways I never even knew I needed!

One year later, the Lord has given me a new spine and the nerve damage is almost all healed. But more importantly He has given me a new heart--straight from the Father’s own Heart.

Thank you, Graham, for not only teaching the truth’s of God’s word, but also for sharing the love of His Heart for us so beautifully.

–Holly, Oregon Coast


The Art of Thinking Brilliantly:

"This teaching changed my life, brought healing to very deep and old wounds I did not know were even there, and has continued to be a foundation building mindset. I hadn't listened to it for a year, when just last week the Lord told me to sit and listen. I was battling some major issues in my family, and hadn't realized how much my favor was being attacked until I got to number #6, We Cannot Contemplate [a Day without Favor], and the Lord just downloaded revelation, understanding, and I was completely delivered. I hadn't realized I was beginning to feel my old man take over, until God, thru this teaching revealed the extent of the attack. I shared what I had experienced with others, and found that this sense if inadequacy and overwelmdness is hitting a lot of believers right now. Can't encourage you enough to get this amazing teaching and if you are being hit with a sense of depression, gloom and inadequacy, know you are not alone, and DON'T BUY IN, RISE UP, REJOICE, and GET THIS TEACHING! Thanks Graham for the fight you made to get this 'payback' teaching and release it to the Body of Christ. Thank You!

–Teri Zumbusch

(Facebook Comment: 8/06/13)

A Testimony: