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I'm having trouble creating an account or entering certain information. The site is acting strangely. How can I make an account or place an order?

Some customers have experienced problems with certain browsers, notably Internet Explorer. If you are using IE9, try clicking on the "compatibility button" (located in your address bar just to the left of the reload page button, it looks like a blue box with a graph line inside). Or you can try using Firefox to browse our website. This resolves many of these issues. If you have tried Firefox and are still having problems, please contact our customer service department at

How do I download the MP3s and/or E-Books in your store?

To download your MP3s or eBooks, go to your account on our website, login and go to "My Downloadable Products". A download link is also included at the bottom of your emailed order statement. You have 7 days and/or 10 chances to download these items before they expire. Note the following instructions (also provided in your order email):

If you have ordered MP3s or eBooks please follow these instructions:

First, to retrieve either eBooks or MP3s you must log in to your Brilliant Book House online account and navigate to the section of the menu labeled My Downloadable Products (found on the left side of the screen).

To Download MP3s:

When you click on the link, the file should immediately start downloading (PC users may have to right click and select “Save file” or "Save File As") and select a download location.  

The MP3 files are zipped (compressed) by disc so you will have to unzip them using the unzipping program of your choice (if you do not have one you can check out The Unarchiver for Mac or PC users can choose from WinRarWinZip or 7-Zip). You should be able to simply double click on the zip file to begin extracting the files automatically. PC users may need to right click and choose "extract files" to begin this process. 

Once you have unzipped the files, be sure to save the folder of MP3s with the rest of your music files (usually by dragging and dropping the folder into your "Music" folder or iTunes Library and open using iTunes (or the music player of choice). 

You can then transfer them to a mobile device (iPod, MP3 player, smart phone etc.) by connecting the device to your computer and syncing your device with your media player or by dragging and dropping the files into your device's media library.


 To Download eBooks:

Select the correct file type for your device (each different link is a particular file type). Right-click (control click on a Mac) on the link you want to download.

After you right-click, save the file to your computer by choosing Save File As/Save Target As/or Save Link As from the fly-out menu that has appeared. Make a note of where the file is going to save so you can find it easily. You will need to move it to a permanent place so that you may continue to access it in the future. You may want to temporarily save it to your desktop or your downloads folder to make this easy.

Once downloaded, move the file(s) to wherever you store your eBooks and transfer it to your eBook reader. Depending on your device, this may be by dragging the appropriate file into your iTunes eBook library or directly into the eBook library of your device — consult your documentation for details.

If you have problems or questions contact our Customer Care Department,

Can I send in my book/manuscript/ideas to Brilliant Book House and Graham for review?

At this time, we have a large backlog of content which we plan to introduce to our readers, and we are not accepting new manuscripts, authors, or speakers. Manuscripts sent to us will not be read and will be sent back.

Can I still purchase a copy of Graham's 1990 book Developing Your Prophetic Gifting?

Developing Your Prophetic Gifting has been discontinued and is no longer available. Graham has written Developing Your Prophetic Gifting into six new volumes. The first three have been released and they are Approaching The Heart Of Prophecy, Prophecy & Responsibility, and Prophetic Wisdom.

Am I allowed to give copies of resources to my friends?

We like to think of Brilliant Book House as much more than a book publishing and distribution company. Our real business is Revelation. We exist to give people a radiant idea of God. To that end, we promise you books, CDs and DVDs that empower you and equip you for the life you have always desired. Materials packed with content and not filler. Truth that is exceptional and not ordinary. Revelation, pure and simple.

We are dedicated to getting Graham’s message and materials to everyone who wants them. This is a process that involves a good number of people and resources that need to be paid for, especially if it is going to guarantee a service as exceptional as the message!

We are often asked about our copyright policy and for the most part our priority is that Graham’s teachings get to the people who want and need them, no matter what. However, for Graham to keep doing what he does and for us at Brilliant Book House to be able to provide his work to you, we need a certain financial stability. If you want to photocopy a page of a book or burn a copy of a CD, all we ask is that you’re doing it for the right reasons – to spread the good word and to help, encourage and educate people that you care about.

If you enjoy and appreciate Graham’s books, CDs and DVDs, paying for them is the best way of guaranteeing that the BRILLIANT work can continue! We can’t thank those of you who have supported us so far enough – just know that we think each and every one of you is BRILLIANT!

I do not live in the USA, will I still be able to purchase items from Brilliant Book House' website?

Yes. Brilliant Book House is able to ship to any location in the world. Shipping to some countries may incur taxes, brokerage fees or tariffs that are beyond our control, and will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

What if I purchased an item that I would like to return?

Brilliant Book House has a 90-day return/exchange policy. Unwanted product may be returned within 90 days of the purchase date in its original condition for a refund of the purchase price. Faulty product or product damaged in shipping may be returned for exchange. Please contact customer care by phone (800-351-7541) or email ( before returning any product.