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Thinking with God

This amazing soaking download with devotional booklet invites you to explore the mind of Christ through six prophetic words spoken over music that will renew your thinking.


The way you think is vital. All your actions, responses, and victories come through the power of renewed thinking. You develop the capacity to live from Heaven to Earth by exploring the mind of Christ. True wisdom comes when you know how God thinks and how He perceives every situation. 

Recorded in 2011. 

MP3 run time 1 hour 11 minutes \ Music by Byron Easterling


 Graham Cooke shares more about Thinking with God:



For an explanation of soaking, read more here:


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Author to more than 20 books & a speaker on more than several thousand stages over the past 40 years, Graham is a breath of fresh air to anyone wanting to know who God really is & how to do daily life with Him. In his message, you'll find a consistent affinity for the nature of God & a love for introducing people to a God far more good than most modern Evangelical thought gives Him credit for. Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Theresa.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elevated forever

I first listened to the cd before going to bed and I was blown away not knowing how long it was or how deep it would take me into the heart of God. I felt that I was experiencing something that was too good to be true; the way Graham put into words the full felt heart and mind of God. My spirit and emotions were fully engaged that night. The next day I opened up the booklet and was surprised to find out that the words spoken were actually written down to read and ponder more deeply; and, had questions to explore more deeply! Now, I like to read the script and really marinate in each word that resonates with incredible spiritual power. So, I highly recommend this cd; I can't wait to get the whole set!

amazingly helpful

This CD is just amazing....I listen to it every morning! The heart of the Father and His desire for us to succeed, know who He is and who we are is so well done on this CD......

Amazingly helpful

This is the best way to learn how to think differently in the Spirit. Soaking is another way of learning because it by passes your emotions and natural way of thinking, which can make you resistant to the Lord. I am learning to think like Jesus by soaking in how He thinks about me!!!! The peace, the refreshing, and the love of God on this CD have caused me to effortlessly receive an upgrade in my capacity to know how He sees me. My thinking is so much more powerful as a result.

Way to a transformed mind

Grahams soaking materials always open up a deeper place for me to explore in the Spirit. While it may appear that this one is primarily about renewing the cognitive process, it is more about thinking from the spirit - about refreshing the way we process life on a deep level. It is about meditation where our focus is on resting in God. The CD is in six segments that allow you to focus on just one section if you prefer. Prepare your heart and mind to be extravagantly overwhelmed by Gods goodness and favor poured out on you in thoughts that seem too good to be true! Are we really allowed to think like this? Grahams years of intimacy with God in His kindness expose us to that same level of goodness. It is a world of promises that guarantee God will show up, favor that draws heaven into our circumstances, such focused attention from God that what matters to us matters to Him, joy and lightness of spirit in battle that depresses and defeats the enemy, the removal of cognitive barriers so that impossibilities become possible.... And that is only a taste! Whatever you need from God, its in here. While Ive listened to it many times in the last year, I find that every time I go back I gain fresh insights as it splashes over my mind, renewing and refreshing me so I can live daily in a place of victory in Christ.