The Objective of Prophecy
The Objective of Prophecy

The Objective of Prophecy

The gift of prophecy can empower God’s people to grow up into all things in Christ. The Objective of Prophecy by Graham Cooke will teach you to elevate your trust in the nature of who God is.


Prophecy creates promises which become the focal point in personal and corporate change. 

The objective of all prophecy is to elevate trust and faith in the Nature of God.

It is important, therefore, that people moving in prophecy are able to see, think, plan and speak to the objective that God is creating. The Spirit of Truth that permeates the gift of prophecy has an objective to empower God’s people to grow up into all things in Christ.

With The Objective of Prophecy, Volume Three of The Prophetic Equipping Series, you will learn to become objective about who God wants to be for His people, regardless of circumstances.


The Objective of Prophecy is a rework of Module One from Graham's acclaimed book, Approaching The Heart of Prophecy. It contains assignments, case studies, a workshop, and finishes with a Prophetic word.
The intention behind this new edition is to create a guide for those stepping into Prophecy for the first time. The material has been remastered and designed to be more accessible to a beginner or someone needing to brush up on the basics of what Prophecy means in their life.



Published in 2020.
ISBN: 978-1-7358706-0-1


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Author to more than 20 books & a speaker on more than several thousand stages over the past 40 years, Graham is a breath of fresh air to anyone wanting to know who God really is & how to do daily life with Him. In his message, you'll find a consistent affinity for the nature of God & a love for introducing people to a God far more good than most modern Evangelical thought gives Him credit for. Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Theresa.