The Rest Bundle
The Rest Bundle
The Rest Bundle
The Rest Bundle
The Rest Bundle

The Rest Bundle

For the first time get all of Graham's primary resources for learning to cultivate rest in your life, in one bundle. (BOOK, CD and MP3 BUNDLE).


Rest is not an option; it’s a vital necessity.

On July 13th 2020 Graham took to Facebook with his dear friend Pedro Adao, and discussed the specifics of cultivating and remaining rest in your life.  Not just when you need it; when there is stress or calamity in your life; but ALL THE TIME.  Graham talked about how to make rest a lifestyle so when you need it, you have a reserve.

Reading the comments in Facebook, it was clear to Graham and his team that this teaching was really resonating and that people wanted to dive into these topics on a deeper level and apply them as lifestyle principles.  

We put together this bundle, The Rest bundle specifically to partner the teaching The Practice of Rest, with Graham's book Crafted Prayer, the audio teaching Praying with God and as a bonus, Graham's teaching Overcoming Negativity Through Rest.  Read more about these teachings below, and start activating rest and cultivating peace in your life TODAY. 

+ The Practice of Rest (2hr MP3 download)
+ Crafted Prayer (paperback book)
+ Praying with God (2 disc CD teaching)
+Overcoming Negativity Through Rest (MP3 download)

The Practice of Rest outlines the many benefits and values of resting in the Lord, while providing examples and exercises to inspire you into fashioning rest and peace as a weapon against the enemy. When you develop the confidence that comes with a peaceful partnership with Jesus, your life will be full of brilliant opportunities to bring the Kingdom down to Earth.
2 Disc CD set; run time 2 hours 

To preview this resource, listen here:

Has your prayer life felt stale? Ineffective? Or is time spent in prayer feeling more like a chore than a joyous conversation? Maybe it’s time to learn a new way of praying. In Crafted Prayer, the second book of The Being with God series, you will learn the discipline of approaching God in “listening” prayer. When you know what God wants you to pray about the issues surrounding your life, you can craft a prayer in the certain knowledge that the Father will delight in answering you. 

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Crafted Prayer FREE preview



Listen to over two hours of teaching and coaching and enhance that learning with an activation guide, especially created to provoke a deeper connection to the goals God has for you and to inspire your prayer life and help you develop a lifestyle of prayer that goes beyond what you could ever imagine.  
Recorded for 2019.
2 disc CD set; run time 2 hours 18 minutes

Here is a video clip, taken from the original Brilliant TV series:



It can be easy to find yourself in the midst of an environment of negativity and defeat. The truth however, is that you have a choice to partner with that negativity or with the Holy Spirit. The teaching, Overcoming Negativity Through Rest is a powerful message that will inspire you to bring the brilliant atmosphere of Heaven down into any circumstance. In Christ, you can be empowered to replace anxiety with peace and defeat with victory!

Recorded at The Mission in Vacaville, California in December 2007.

Run time 1 hour 12 minutes


To preview this resource, listen here:



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Author to more than 20 books & a speaker on more than several thousand stages over the past 40 years, Graham is a breath of fresh air to anyone wanting to know who God really is & how to do daily life with Him. In his message, you'll find a consistent affinity for the nature of God & a love for introducing people to a God far more good than most modern Evangelical thought gives Him credit for. Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Theresa.