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Thinking Differently: A Look at The Positivity Bundle

When it comes to learning to live joyfully in the tensions of life, you can only develop a greater resilience by embracing the way God likes to do things! Whether that’s in the way you see yourself, others around you, or a difficult circumstance, you need to be equipped with the tools to view every situation through a lens of positivity, joy, and peace! 

The Positivity Bundle was specifically designed to offer you the tools and insight necessary to do just that! This exclusive collection includes the teachings Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back, Seeing in the Spirit, and the journal Hiddenness & Manifestation.

What makes these teachings the best resources for developing a positive mindset?

Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back is a powerful, personal message in which Graham explains how resilience and resourcefulness can bring a positive focus to any occasion. Listen to a clip from Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back:



Seeing in the Spirit will ask you to question the way you look at others and what your prejudices are and then will show you how to look at the same people and situations the way God would. Developing your internal vision of God will have brilliant repercussions on your external focus, so prepare to truly embrace glory when you commit to it!

Hiddenness & Manifestation makes an ideal companion journal for these two teachings because it offers you the opportunity to start a new conversation with God that can cover every aspect of living life as joyfully and peacefully as possible! Just read this brilliant review from Richard at Brilliant Book House about his experience with reading Hiddenness & Manifestation:

This book is God's revelation to us to help us overcome the seasons of darkness or dryness when God seems distant. It is a book for maturing us to be the bride of Christ, trusting our Beloved, our faith secure in Him. Graham shares the answer God gave him during his own experience and reveals encouraging truth of God's heart, His desire for us, in such times. The understanding I received raised my eyes from the circumstance to God, to know His heart for me, which gave me courage and strength to persevere and overcome. It is brief and to the point - exactly what is needed for times when our soul is aching. Thanks Graham, for allowing the Lord to help you, so you can in turn help us to understand what He is doing and be assured His love and purpose is at work in our lives so we can trust Him to draw us closer to Him and bring us through transformed.


Together these three teachings will show you the nature of God in a whole new way so you can start thinking the way that He does about every situation you face, but it's only available for a limited time, so don't wait to order. Order your copy of The Positivity Bundle.

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  • That is my goal… to be full of joy, peace and only wanting to please my father in heaven!

    Karlene Rogers on
  • Dear Graham Cooke,
    You have blessed me with your powerful tweets. May God’s anointing and power manifest continually in your blessed life. Thanks for being such an inspiration! God bless you much more!

    Rowena Wylie on

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