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The Prophetic Takes Practice: 4 Tools for Developing your Prophetic Gift

Beginning in prophecy and prophetic ministry can be incredibly daunting at first. What is prophecy, truly? What can it look like in your own life? What happens if you make a mistake? All of these might be questions you’ve had when considering the prophetic, but Graham Cooke put it best himself,

“Every one of us is on a journey, and prophecy should tell you who you are going to be in the next season of your life, and what it is that God wants to be for you, in terms of what you are currently going through or where He wants to take you next. The action of that word coming into your spirit should cause you to feel good about yourself and good about the God who is with you.”

Today we’ve put together a list with four of Graham Cooke’s best messages and teachings on prophecy that we think will be brilliant tools for you as you explore and develop your prophetic gift.



The Prophecy Series is a tremendously useful tool if you’re the kind of person who loves to read, meditate, take notes, and then meditate some more! This book series is by far Graham’s most comprehensive look into the prophetic and can be used if you’re just starting out or if you’re ready to move deeper in prophetic ministering. 

Order The Prophecy Series here

Previews of each book are available as well; check out the preview of Approaching the Heart of Prophecy: 

Approaching the Heart of Prophecy Preview


This two-part audio teaching is one of Graham’s most classic messages. Focused on what the purpose of prophecy is, it will show how prophecy can increase your own standing in the Kingdom and bring you closer to the heart of God. 

If you’re familiar with the prophetic, this series will take you to the next level and help you cultivate a confident voice of proclamation in worship. Once you’ve learned to listen to the Father and use your voice of agreement then the prophecies and promises of God will become an accelerant to your development.

Order Prophetic Persistence here.



Graham recorded The School of Prophecy back in 2013 and it has since been among his most popular audio teachings on the subject. If a long book series isn't for you, then maybe The School of Prophecy is! In this 5-part audio series you will learn the requirements of representing God’s nature through prophecy, making it an ideal starting place for anyone looking to develop their prophetic voice and their potential to release the Presence of God through prophecy in a manner that produces increase and blessing.

Amber, who left this review at Brilliant Book House, seems to agree!

"This along with the Developing your Destiny series, have to be among the best of Graham's teachings for incites, encouragement, wisdom, and amazing testimonies all on the subjects of prophecy, prophetic ministry, stewarding your prophetic words, giving prophetic words, and more. If you hunger or are curious to know more about the prophetic, purpose, destiny, identity, then get them!”


Learn more about The School of Prophecy here.



Graham Cooke’s most recent series about the prophetic, Making a Prophetic Impact, was designed to help you move away from merely knowing the sound of His voice in prophecy and into regular experiences of the spiritual impartation that comes from developing the gift of prophecy.

This series is especially helpful if you already feel comfortable moving in the prophetic, but are eager to find ways of expanding your prophetic gift through true alignment with God’s heart. 


Watch a short clip from “Making Simple Prophecy Profound,” the first message on Making a Prophetic Impact:


Order your copy of Making a Prophetic Impact here.


Are there any teachings we didn't mention that you've found helpful in developing your own prophetic gift?

Share your thoughts with us, we'd love to start a conversation with you!

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  • Now that may be the most life-changing message I’ve ever heard. I would praise the message more, but I have some prayer issues that I must go and LISTEN concerning!! Thank you Graham.

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