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Ideas for a Fresh Soaking Experience: A Look at The Devotional Soaking Series

The Father is always available if you are. One of the best ways to understand His heart about any situation is to sit down and just have a conversation with Him. Practicing conversation with God by both listening and speaking is the best way to discover the Father’s heart for you in any situation.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for making the most of your devotional time. 

  1. Make time to be alone with God where it’s quiet and you aren’t distracted.
  2. Journal about your conversations. Whether it’s a written account, a list of questions, or a piece of wisdom to meditate on, journaling will help you keep what you learn in the forefront of your mind. 
  3. Ask questions. Expand your conversations with the Father by asking who He wants to be for you now.

    Brilliant Book House also has several resources available that can help you create a more intentional environment for soaking and conversing.

    The Devotional Soaking Series is a great place to start, not just because it was designed to upgrade stale devotional experiences, but because each soaking CD comes with a transcript of the message and questions that will help you continue the conversation. Listen to a clip from Part 1 of the series, Becoming the Beloved: 

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    • Great resources. Thank you for sharing your ministry with us.

      Chris Cooper on
    • Yessss! Some of us find intense quiet times, as we’ve been taught is the good Christian thing to do, and I love just conversing with Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit just as I do when I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my best friend.

      Suzi Jorgensen on

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