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Focus Is Key: What Are You Focusing On?

No matter what you are called to work on, look at or think about this season, the most important thing is that you avoid distraction and stay focused on the goal ahead. Whether it’s practicing peace, learning to pray differently, or choosing a joyful response, you must go after it one hundred percent.

Below are five brilliant teachings and tools to help you maintain your focus and move deeper in the Spirit.

  1. For Focusing on Joy

    We recommend: The Practice of Delight
    When your attention is turned away from the Kingdom, it gets easier and easier to start viewing life’s situations negatively. The Practice of Delight is a concise, empowering teaching from Graham Cooke that will help you re-discover how to see every circumstance as a chance to focus on the Christ life within. Problems become possibilities through the lens of delight and this teaching will help you embrace them and experience the Kingdom in a totally new way.

    Listen to a short clip from The Practice of Delight:

    Check out The Practice of Delight for yourself.

  2. For Focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit

    We recommend: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit
    God has placed a Fruit of the Spirit next to every negative circumstance in life; in Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, a two-part teaching from Graham Cooke, you will learn how to access those Fruits and respond to every adversarial situation in a way that reflects the nature of God.

    This series will upgrade your confidence and consistency because when you are able to cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit you become a blessing to everyone around you. Order your copy of Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

  1. For Focusing on Moving in Your Prophetic Gift

    We recommend: The Prophecy Series
    Whether you’re just get started in prophecy or you feel confident in your prophetic gift and are ready to move further in prophetic ministering, The Prophecy Series can help you ask and address questions for any stage of development. Questions like, what is the difference between false and poor prophecy? How do I gain confidence in prophetic ministering? What if I make a mistake?

    Each of the three books in The Prophecy Series are filled with exercises, case studies, assignments and meditations to help you process and connect with the Father’s intentions for you specifically. Order The Prophecy Series now.

  1. For Focusing on an Upgraded Prayer Life

    We recommend: Crafted Prayer
    Does your prayer life feel stale? Ineffective? Or does prayer feel more like an obligation than a comfortable conversation? Maybe that’s a sign you need to shake up your prayer life and learn a new way of doing things. In one of Graham Cooke’s most beloved journals, Crafted Prayer, you will discover practical guidance for how to craft more dynamic and impactful prayers. When you are in alignment with God, you understand what He wants you to pray about the issues surrounding your life and can begin crafting prayers with certainty that the Father will delight in responding.

    Check out this short video of Graham explaining why he wrote Crafted Prayer:

    Read a sample of Crafted Prayer here or pick up the complete journal here.

  2. For Focusing on Rest

    We recommend: The Practice of Rest
    If you have been living your life with the shadow of anxiety and doubt hovering around you, maybe it’s time to be more intentional about resting in the Lord. Through rest, you will begin to see all the ways the Father provides for your life. Graham Cooke’s two-part MP3 teaching, The Practice of Rest will help you develop techniques for entering into rest and show you how peace can be the most useful weapon against the enemy. When you develop the confidence that comes with a peaceful partnership with Jesus, your life will be full of brilliant opportunities to bring the Kingdom down to Earth. Download The Practice of Rest here.


Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! What resources have been helpful to you? What are you focusing on this season? We'd love to start a conversation with you. 

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