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Featured Review: The Way of the Warrior Series

Becoming a warrior is about more than doing battle with the enemy.

Warriors live confident lives aligned with the plans God has for them.

They don't react to their circumstances, they react to God. The Way of the Warrior teaching series is a comprehensive exploration of how to embrace the Lord’s majesty and encompass this in your everyday life.

Calum left this review at Brilliant Book House explaining their own experience of of learning to embrace the upgrades God had waiting for them when they began moving in alignment with the heart of the Father:

If you really want to become a warrior as opposed to an ordinary foot soldier, then this is for you. If you want to discover how a champion thinks, acts and responds in times of stress and difficulty, then this is the teaching you need to embrace. For the best possible upgrade use this CD series in conjunction with the three Way of the Warrior book series. There are some overlaps but there are lots of things in the books that are not part of the teaching series. There are also some amazing points that are better listened to than read. Together they take you higher, deeper and further into the territory of a warrior. It is a profound investment in yourself. I have lost count of the experiences, upgrades and God encounters that I have received through this remarkable teaching. I am a thoroughly different person to the one who first picked up this amazing material. Highly Recommended.

Listen to an extended clip from the The Way of the Warrior (Live):

The Way of the Warrior series also includes the soaking session Rise Up a Warrior, an excellent resource for times of powerful prayer and contemplative thought. 

Order a copy today. 

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