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Featured Review: The Soaking Collection

Rest is a vital aspect of a rich, powerful spiritual life, but it can also be one of the hardest habits to cultivate.

One great tool for developing a habit and lifestyle of rest are soaking teachings! Soaking teachings offer access to quiet, intentional time to focus on your development in the Spirit.

In the video below, Graham explains a little more about how a lifestyle of peace can be radically game-changing:  


Among Graham’s most beloved soaking teachings is Prophetic Soaking—a quiet, uplifting message about the Father’s love for you and His passion for who you are in the Kingdom. It's part of a larger series as well, called The Soaking Collection.

Fan and friend, Carol shared her experience of listening to this message with us over at Brilliant Book House, and we thought it was worth sharing with you too!

Its rare to find a spiritual tool so pure that we can lay down the defenses of our rational mind and allow our tender, childlike spirits to come out of hiding and fully engage in the experience.

Grahams soaking CDs are like that - utterly devoid of blame or shame, wonderfully safe, filled with hope.

When I first got Prophetic Soaking I was disappointed to find it recorded as one long segment instead of shorter portions - but that turned out to be a blessing, for I could not shortchange myself, but was compelled to immerse myself in the full 75 minute experience. Im delighted that I did!

This soaking is a bit different from Grahams others in that it is recorded live, while he is actively ministering. You can feel the anointing in his voice and it comes out of the speakers and surrounds you with supernatural Presence until you soar! Graham as an interface between us and God somehow disappears and it becomes a full-on encounter with the Lover of our souls. I was wrecked. If you want to supercharge your own personal worship time, try doing this soaking first, then move into active worship. But be prepared, for you may find yourself still lost with Him when dawn breaks. :-)

Prophetic Soaking is just one of four teachings in The Soaking Collection which also includes The Kind Intentions of God, Rise Up a Warrior and Clothed in His Presence. Each message in this collection offers different insights into rest and peace that can help you figure out what a lifestyle of rest means for you.

Learn more about The Soaking Collection here.

Have you listened to any of the messages in The Soaking Collection? Share your story in the comments below! We love to see how these resources are helping you grow.

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  • I so appreciate your response to Graham’s prophetic soaking c.d.‘s Early on in my journey in rest, prophetic soaking was the catalyst toward having an encounter with rest that changed my life. When people ask, I am reminded to share with them how the prophetic soaking c.d.’s impacted who I am today. Thanks for reminding me!

    Madeline Rooney on
  • What you focus on, you make room for. I’ve been listening to the kind intentions of God every morning & night for a while now. This has been one of my ways of making room for God in my life. Transforming. Thank you Graham.

    Cherrie on
  • OMG! I have listened to a few of the soakings. Favor of The Lord was phenomenal! I have listened to this so many times I have lost count. It has touched me and continues to touch and permeate me to my very core! I had never heard of prophetic soaking before I came in contact with the ministry of Graham through a dear friend of mine. It is truly a blessing and I know that God has used this to change my life! I feel more at peace, more focused, and truly closer to God in our relationship!!

    Pat Jackson on

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