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Featured Review: Making a Prophetic Impact

Beginning in prophecy can be daunting and you might have a lot of questions, like: What is the difference between false prophecy and poor prophecy? How do we handle people when they make mistakes in prophesying? What if I make a mistake in prophesying? And most importantly, how do I get started?

If you look at the process of developing your prophetic gift as the process of learning another language, doors will start to open.

Think about it. When learning a new language, you begin with the basics of comprehension and build upon that. Once you’ve developed the building blocks you can start having conversations where you are focused more on authentic listening than on making sure you’re comprehending every piece of the conversation. Prophecy works the same way! You are learning the language of God’s heart.

The series Making a Prophetic Impact was designed to help take you through the process of learning the language of God’s heart and how to enter into a deep place of relationship with Him where you can understand His intentions. PJ, who left this review at Brilliant Book House, completely agrees! They said:

So instructional. Very easy to listen to over and over again. Nothing heavy, yet, so thought provoking. I would say this is the best teaching if you're a beginner or even mature in the prophetic.

You can listen to a clip from Making a Prophetic Impact here:

Order a copy for yourself today and begin moving from merely knowing to truly experiencing the spiritual impartation that comes from developing the gift of prophecy. 

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  • Brilliant!! What a great reminder of how the prophetic operates today, and the foundations on which ALL prophecy functions. Hugely recommended for anyone, whether beginner or seasoned Prophet. We never get beyond needing to be reminded of what it’s all about, do we?!

    East Norfolk School of Prophetic Ministry on
  • There is too much surface noise. All prophecy turns one sentence. Abba give me a Word or Amma give me a Word. Graham knows this – but – despite all the surface data chatter is not operating out of that place of deep inner stillness in the Spirit. And if Shawn Bolz or anyone has a different answer listen to them…there are always choices.

    Mark Downham on

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