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An Unforgettable Past & an Expectant Future – Reflecting on 6 Years of Brilliant Gatherings

Graham and the team at Brilliant have been putting together Brilliant Events for over five years now all across the United States. These events have spanned a variety of topics like grace, warfare, prophecy and growing up in all things in Christ.

This fall we are looking forward to Expectation! in Anaheim. As we prepare for this event in October, we wanted to reflect on how we, as a brilliant community, have grown in the last several years by looking back on some of the astounding messages and game-changing experiences that have come out of the last six years of Brilliant Gatherings.

2011: The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

The Art of Thinking Brilliantly was an event that laid the foundation for Brilliant and the level we want to work at and surpass. From this teaching, Graham established how to build the right mindset, which is an idea he has built upon extensively in the last five years.


2013: Mind of a Saint

Mind of a Saint was Brilliant's first event in Anaheim, California and truly set the standard for all future Brilliant Gatherings. Mind of a Saint is the incredible follow-up teaching to The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, and focused on changing the way we approach God by looking at life through the lens of fullness and grace. Check out this powerful video from Mind of a Saint about your standing in Christ:



2014: Radical Permission & The Overcoming Life

In 2014, Graham and the team at Brilliant were blessed to host 4 events starting with Radical Permission 1 and 2. In each of these three-day conferences, Graham really dug deep and explored the reality of grace, majesty and favor in our lives. The messages that came out of these events are fundamental in learning how to access the majesty and favor of God.

The other two events that premiered in 2014 were The Overcoming Life 1 and 2. This series was Graham's first new teaching on spiritual warfare in quite some time, and together these teachings offer a comprehensive look at both offensive and defensive spiritual warfare. As Graham often says, "The first battle is to get free, the second battle is to stay free." And with these teachings, you have the tools to do both. Listen to a short clip from Understanding Majesty, a teaching from The Overcoming Life 2: 


2015: The Portland Sessions: Making a Prophetic Impact

Just over two years ago Graham traveled up to the Pacific Northwest to teach an all new series on prophecy in Portland, Oregon to an excited crowd of almost a thousand people. Making a Prophetic Impact was uplifting and empowering from the very first worship session with Jonathan David Helser all the way through the very last session: undoubtedly every person walked away with a new understanding of the prophetic and how it can bring you closer to God.


2016: The Epiphany

Last fall, The Epiphany premiered and opened the door for upgrades and insights into how passion is designed to align with God's intentions. This series was created to inspire a confidence and boldness the Lord wants us to exhibit in our day-to-day lives. Listen to a the first short clip of The Epiphany for an idea of the boldness and encouragement this message inspires:



2017: Expectation!

We are beyond thrilled for Expectation! and the culture of fullness and favor it will produce!

Expectation! will feature sessions from Graham Cooke AND Shawn Bolz along with worship led by Jonathan & Melissa Helser! This conference has been created to bring you into a deep encounter of hope that is both refreshing and empowering. We want to bring you into such a place of experience with this lifestyle of EXPECTATION, that it will engulf your circumstances and overwhelm your heart, creating NEW patterns of thought and life for you.

Tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to reserve your spot now as soon as possible if you’re hoping to join us this October!

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