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3 Tools for Overcoming Negativity Every Day

The enemy loves to see you struggle in choosing joy, peace and rest in difficult circumstances because he knows that's where he can take the most ground. However, there is a way to not only take ground from the enemy, but to keep it regardless of any situation you're in. This week, the staff at Brilliant Book House have recommended three teachings by Graham Cooke that will help you do more than overcome by cultivating the lifestyle of a warrior. 

1. The Way of the Warrior Journal Series

The Way of the Warrior Journal Series will show you what it’s like to live a life captivated by majesty. There is a place in the Spirit set aside for you where you can make the enemy confused. You weary him through rest. You discourage him through your faith. You demoralize him with your joy. He is dispirited by your favor; defeated by your grace. 

This series offers carefully crafted assignments and commissions at the end of each section that will guide you into an empowered mindset and a warrior’s attitude about your place in the Kingdom! 

Check out a preview of book one in the series, Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior: 

Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior Preview

Order The Way of the Warrior Series.

2. Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

Overcoming Negativity Through Rest is a powerful message about overcoming difficult circumstances by developing an unwavering confidence in the Father's intentions for your life. The enemy knows how to take a circumstance and use it against you! But, by learning how to partner with the Holy Spirit and keep your eyes focused on the Lord, you can establish a lifestyle of peace and rest that will always lead you to victory!

Order Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

3. Living on a Higher Place

Living on a Higher Place is a single-session audio teaching that will teach you how to access the Presence of God no matter where you are or what situation you're in. If you've been feeling overwhelmed or under pressure from external circumstances, this teaching will refresh your thinking and remind you of the incredible blessing, favor and majesty of life in the Spirit. In fact, one reviewer from Brilliant Book House had this to say about their experience of listening to and learning from Living on a Higher Place:

This is a teaching that has helped me through a big transition and recognizing some of the differences from living in the valley to living on a high place. Joy is the choice to make, it will take you through the hardships and the new levels of acclimation. When we choose to leave the valley and press through a high place we will get to a place of transcendence, lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience. In order to get to the next level we must: Take some calculated risks, find joy in the climb, get rid of all negativity, break out of our comfort zone, and make the conscious decision to go to the next level Be sure your mind is comfortable following your heart.

Check out a short clip of this empowering message:

Order Living on a Higher Place.

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