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2 Ideas for Intentional Time with God

Do you often feel too busy to add anything else to your day? Whether it's something small like grocery shopping or something big like restful, intentional time with God, making time in a full day can feel impossible. However, we've come up with a couple practical ideas and tools that can help change that. How about:

Turning your commute into a conversation.

A lot of us spend upwards of an hour a day in our car, whether it's on the way to work or to school, or simply running errands. Rather than zoning out to the radio, use this time to connect with the heart of the Father through meaningful conversation. Get started by downloading the Free Resource of the Month from Brilliant Book House and see what kind of conversations can happen in this small period of time every day. 

Make a date!

If you have time to see friends a few times a week, why not make one of those dates a time where you can talk about what you're learning and how you're growing? This is a perfect opportunity to deepen existing relationships in your life and explore more with God in a way that feels manageable. The Wisdom Series is a perfect tool for busy people because the content is pared down into concise readings that range a variety of topics to challenge your thinking in different aspects of your spirituality.

Brilliant Community member Kathy shared how she was able to use The Wisdom Series in her own life in a similar way, and we think this could be a brilliant solution for a lot of people:

"A year ago, 6 friends and I formed a small group to connect by phone 1 hour a week to journey through the book together. I didn't bargain on what happened. Content to rush through, we ended the year in the middle of the book, amazed to find that we had been building relationship as we listened to each other process truths contained in each writing. A total game changer for each one of us. Oh yeah, our group grew by 2 as others heard us talk about our journey."

We'd love to hear your ideas too! What's worked for you? Share with us in the comments. 

Ready to try one of these solutions for yourself? These CDs, MP3s and books are always available at Brilliant Book House for brilliant prices, but if you're looking for something at an even better price, check out the Special Offers page.

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