About BBH

Brilliant Book House is much more than a book publishing and distribution company. Actually our real business is Revelation. We exist to give people a radiant idea of God. We think that the Good News is stunning and amazing!

We passionately believe that the Father is the most loving, intentional and generous person in the Universe. All goodness originates in Him. All acts of kindness, mercy and grace emanate from His heart. He is joy, laughter and peace.

Our business is primarily to be overwhelmed and astonished by His nature. It is only when we have a radiant experience of God that we can fully know and value ourselves. We love Him, because He first loved us.

It is impossible to have a radiant encounter with God and not to develop, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a radiant idea of who we are in the Kingdom. We are the Beloved of God in Christ. The Bride, the Household, the very Body of Christ on earth, emphatically joined to the Head who is over all things.

It is our new nature to be victorious, powerful anointed and significant. As He is, so are we, in this world. We are healthy, happy, peaceful and determined. We are joyous, thankful and persistent. We are strong, good natured and steadfast. We are made in His image. We are in Christ, learning to be Christ-like and loving it!

We know how to suffer for His sake. We rise up in persecution. We are unafraid. We are not intimidated because we are too busy being fascinated by Jesus. We are learning to be so filled with perfect love that fear is not an option. In times of stress, adversity and opposition, we travel with The Comforter who is an absolute genius at doing life.

You are a part of our family. Everything we do is to make you bigger, better and stronger. You should be experiencing fullness, not measure. We are jealous for you to come up higher, see more, and become the person you were always meant to be. We want you to stop being present/past and become present/future in your life and relationships with God and people.

That is, to live a life that is not determined by what you were, or what has happened in any negative sense. You were designed to be content, happy and fulfilled in the here and now…but also to be joyful, purposeful and excited about who you are becoming and the prospect of being involved with the Father in all your tomorrows.


To that end, we promise you books, CDs and digital content that empower you and equip you for the life you have always desired. Materials full of content, no packaging. Truth that is exceptional not ordinary. Revelation, pure and simple. Our hunger and thirst is to open a door for you in the Spirit that draws you into a life that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and makes Him extraordinarily happy!

For samples of our message and ministry, we do have free MP3s, our YouTube, and our streaming video service!